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From the Draft of my mail box: What I really want to tell you but I don't say

I don’t know why people don’t feel the need to tell you that they love you, or care for you, that you mean something to them. I don’t know why people feel it’s not important to show you that you are valued, that your opinion matters, and feelings considered.
Why do people feel that you will be okay if they miss your call and forget to call you back. Or why people feel everybody needs to be treated equally, nobody deserves special attention.
I feel the world is divided between two kinds of people, ones who feel the need to show they love and others who don’t . Showing love? How do you do that? Is it by sending romantic messages or simply texting someone asking how was your day?   Is it done by planning an exotic holiday or  just by being thoughtful? Is love meant to be shown to the only one person who is bound in contract of marriage? Or is it supposed to be expressed to everyone you love – your mother, father, teacher, mentor, friend, best friend, sister, brother, niece, nephew.
I a…

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